Salt Room or Beach, either is great!

If you can’t get to a beach, try a salt room. They are popping up everywhere, even in Greenville Pa. The salt room therapy treatment is a relaxing way to get the benefits of the beach, without going to a beach.

What is a salt room? A salt room is made up of rock salt. Often they have the feeling of a cave, the walls lined with soft orange Himalayan salt, salt lamps glowing side to side, the floor is lined with rock salt, the heat on a warm 75 degrees. One big benefit to a salt room is that they often have a halogenerator that crushes and grinds salt to help release it into the air. From this the idea is that you are breathing in a purified area that is negatively charged. Similar to that of the beach. The affects from the negative charge ions is that they reduce environmental free radical, and positively changed ions. Today many of us are exposed to positive ions for a large portion of the day. Positively charged ions come from:

  • Electronic devices
  • Fluorescent Lighting
  • Toxic carpeting, upholstery, and paint
  • Air pollution
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Pollen, mold

The stress we feel from these positively charge ions increase disease, decrease our immune function and negatively affect our sense of peace.

A benefit to the salt room is that there ar 84 different minerals in Himalayan salt, making it very stable and offering more than just a peaceful environment.

Overall, a salt room or salt cave, is relaxing, rejuvenating and good for your mental and physical health. Try it for even 25 minutes to get a refreshing and rejuvenating, healthy experience.

Salt Room at Our Oasis, Greenville Pa

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